The  Experience

Step 1 - Consultation
Our process begins with a consultation to get to know you better and to understand your unique vision and style.  This will be done either over text, email, or phone.  We want you to feel comfortable, confident, and engaged in the process.  We'll be sure to discuss location, wardrobe, dates, and any specific ideas and creative vision you have in mind. We can even set up a Pinterest inspiration board to share wardrobe and posing ideas, if that's your thing.
Step 2 - Photoshoot
Your photoshoot will be scheduled for the time of day where lighting is optimal for your chosen location.  During the photoshoot, we'll create a relaxed and enjoyable environment, allowing you to be your beautiful, authentic self.  Our goal is to capture genuine, authentic emotions and connections that reflect who you are.
Step 3 - Proofing & Image Selection
After the session, we carefully select and enhance the best images to present to you in your online Proofing Gallery.  While we typically have a very quick turn around, our goal is to share the shareable link within two weeks of your session date.  Please keep in mind, these images will be watermarked and are not available for download or screenshots.  Once you decide which images resonate with you the most, you will email a list of those file numbers to us, so we can begin the editing process.
Step 4 - Editing of Selected Images
Your selected images will be hand-edited to remove blemishes, whiten teeth, brighten eyes, and soften skin.  Our editing philosophy is to create meticulous images that maintain your natural essence.  We want your final images to look like you!  If you have special retouching needs, be sure to discuss that with us during your consultation.

Step 5 - Image Delivery
Within 2 weeks, your retouched images will be uploaded into a final online gallery where you can download the files directly onto your computer.  We will provide a print release along with file and print instructions.  In addition to the full-resolution files for printing, we include copies of the files optimally resized for sharing your images safely and beautifully to your online website and socials or via email.

Step 5 - Printing and Sharing
​​​​​​​Upon delivery of your selected images, you will receive a print release for personal use along with print instructions and lab recommendations for printing your images.  We also have a full line of custom print products to choose from, should you prefer us to handle the printing for you.  If that interests you, we can schedule a complimentary in-person ordering session to guide you through the selection process.  

At your photo session, you will sign a Model Release form that explains my copyright and gives me permission to use your images on my website and for other promotional and professional uses.  Soon after I deliver your images, depending on the Collection purchased, your images will be featured on my Instagram page in either a carousel or a Reel.  Be sure to follow my page, so I can tag you.  This way you can easily share your featured post with others.  I'd be incredibly grateful and honored if you would invite them to follow my page as well.  When posting images from your session online to your socials, please remember to tag my business page to honor my copyright. 

As always, if you have any questions, I'm hear to guide you through the process every step of the way.
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